How to Practice Mindfulness Everyday

Learn how to practice mindfulness everyday in order to stay alert & attentive. Find out how to set aside time for structured exercises such as body scans or sitting meditation, use mindfulness apps & behavioral design techniques.

How to Practice Mindfulness Everyday

Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can help us stay alert and attentive to the present moment. It is a type of meditation that encourages us to be aware of our thoughts and feelings without judgment or interpretation. To practice mindfulness, we can focus on our breathing, set aside time for structured exercises such as body scans or sitting meditation, and use mindfulness apps to track our progress. We can also use behavioral design techniques to encourage ourselves to be mindful when we need it most.

Additionally, when eating, we can take the first three bites mindfully, savoring the flavor, texture, and pleasure of the food. For more structured mindfulness exercises, it is important to find a quiet place without distractions or interruptions. We can choose to practice early in the morning before starting our daily routine. We can also use a journal to capture our morning thoughts or light a candle on our desk as a reminder to work carefully.

Mindfulness teaches us how to be present and pay attention in order to reduce stress and anxiety, sleep more peacefully, and feel more connected and cheerful. Many apps are available to help us keep track of our meditation practice and provide an incentive to continue our daily practice. We can also consider taking Buddhist or other meditation classes, courses at schools and community centers, or yoga classes. He is the founder of Mindful Living Collective, a leading global donation-based network for conscious living and learning, and the creator of the Uncover the Power Within training program and the free master class on the Uncover the Power Within plan.

Every time the mind wanders and thoughts arise, practice gently returning them with kindness and compassion, with total acceptance and without judgment.